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With over 10Bn of projects being managed by Imprest clients, it is one of the leading project, programme and portfolio management systems on the market. It is secure, reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement.

Our clients can look forward to a return on investment in less than 12 months, in line with expectations set by analyst reports, such as those from IDC and Forrester.

Typically, potential clients have a range of issues that they are looking to address including:

  • difficulty making strategic decisions because information is out of date and inaccurate.
  • risk of reduced government funding due to failing to spend and account within the financial year.
  • increased cost of corrective action resulting from late warnings of projects that are likely to be over- or under-spent or are slipping against delivery targets.
  • a programme that is starting to overload the available resources.
  • difficulty in proving that the department is meeting government and internal targets and objectives.
  • variable quality of projects because an inconsistent approach is taken to project management
  • finding a management application that is proven to understand, fit and support project, programme and portfolio working.

Imprest is being used to solve these issues by:

  • providing an easy to use environment within which the latest status of programme information such as financial data, performance information and programme milestones, are available from a dedicated strategic reporting module.
  • easily interfacing with the finance system to draw through the financial position of every project. This enables visibility of under- and over-spending projects.
  • providing alerts for senior managers to warn of slippage in schedule and under- or over-spend.
  • providing a scaleable system that is configured as standard for managing the capital programme across multiple work streams and departments.
  • measuring and monitoring the impact of schemes against the outcomes set by governing bodies and the department's own internal objectives.
  • providing a structured project framework which can be configured to meet the particular working practices of different work streams.
  • providing an innovative and proven system designed to help manage the programme.
  • facilitating change to accommodate different circumstances.
  • being a highly cost effective solution.

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